• I can't hear any sound. Why?
  • How do I turn off the sound in the game?
  • Can I listen to my own music instead of the games?
Optimal Playing Conditions (Lighting)
Competition and Sharing
  • Can I challenge my friends to beat my score?
  • Is there a multiplayer mode?
  • Can I share my scores with my friends?
Behind The Scenes
  • Who made Gumulon?
  • Who created the sound?
  • Who illustrated the game?
  • Who made Gumulon.com?
Stride Gum
  • Can I really control it by chewing?
  • Why are there two ways to control the game?
  • Why do I get double points in mouth control mode?
  • How does the tap-control mode work?
  • How does the chew-control mode work?
  • What is the ideal way to chew?
  • I'm chewing and nothing is happening. Why doesn't it work?
  • If I chew harder, does Ace jump further?
  • If I chew faster, does Ace jump further?
Game Story and Characters
Unlocks, Barcode Scanning & Achievements
  • How can I unlock special powerups in the game?
  • How do I scan a barcode?
  • The barcodes don't scan. Why?
  • Which packs does it work with?
  • Does it work on multipacks?
  • Do I have to buy Stride packs to get the unlocks?
  • Can I enable multiple unlocks at once?
  • Why doesn't my score count when I have an unlock enabled?
Contact & Feedack
  • I need technical support. Who should i contact?
  • I'd like to leave a review of the Game. How do I do this?