Meet Ace

A rebellious miner from planet Gumulon. Ace is the baddest bad-boy this side of Quadrant 15. He’s dug further and deeper than any other miner in the history of the Gumulon Mining Corporation.

You Chew, Ace Jumps

Track your mouth with the front-facing camera on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Every time you chew, Ace jumps.

A Monster Awakes

One day, on a heroic mining mission he wakes a prehistoric cave beast. Use your mouth to help Ace escape the mine.

Save The Day

Ace isn’t alone. Help him warn his fellow miners about the danger below.

Get Guminium

The mine is full of valuable Guminium crystals. Collect as many as you can.

You can't run forever

Adding insult to injury the monster will season you and take a photo for his dinner collection.

Share Your Last Moments With Friends

Or people you don’t really like and just want to show off to.

Hidden Features

Take photos of the barcodes on Stride packs to unlock hidden game features. Nine to find.